About me

Tailored personal training or commercial lessons of all kinds with me will really get you into the right sport mood! Since I was 3 years old my love to sport have began building up, starting in balet prep ND, followed by sport and fitness aerobic at my age of 7. After few successful seasons in representation I came to decision, when I switched from competitive module to module coach and now it is 10 years I have been helping to prepare juniors aged 3 to 18 years. With increasing age, experience and gathered knowledge my coaching have been gaining on professional momentum. Today I can say that sport is not only my work and hobby, but I consider it to be the main point of my life.

Rozvrh lekcí

Hardcore kruháč
Euforie Smíchov
Čtvrtek19:00 - 20:00
Euforie Smíchov

Kde mě najdete

  • SQP Háje - Květnového vítězství 79, Praha 4- Háje
  • Euforie Smíchov- Štefánikova 43a, Praha 5- Smíchov
  • X-Plore Fitness - Na Příkopě 17, Praha 1- Nové Město

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